What To Do If You Find Bees In Your Chimney

With the weather heating up, you’re going to start seeing a few more insects popping up here and there. No doubt you’ve already started spotting beautiful little bumblebees buzzing about in your garden – but this time of year can also create problems for homeowners and their old fireplaces where bees and wasps are concerned.


It’s certainly possible for bees to nest in your chimney over the winter and then come alive as soon as pollen season hits in the springtime – and you might well see some bees start dropping down into your fireplace. This has actually just happened to one hapless grandmother in Rhondda in Wales, who was shocked to find hundreds of bees falling down into the hearth.


Elaine Morgan told Wales Online: “I heard lots of dropping onto the hearth and saw all of these bees looking a bit shocked, like they had fallen from a distance. They shook their bodies before flying over to the window.”


In this instance, the Morgans chose to board up their fireplace with recycling bags, but if you find yourself in a similar situation this summer you’d be wise to call out a honeybee removal specialist and not tackle the problem yourself.


Leaving the bees in the chimney won’t solve the situation, in fact it could get a lot worse if you don’t tackle it head on. You also need to make sure you remove the honeycomb along with the bees as if you don’t, it will end up melting and seeping through your building, which could result in permanent damp-like marks on your wallpaper, plasterboard and in the cavities. You could also find you’re left with an unpleasant smell that’s hard to remove.