Homeowners Happier In Homes Than Renters


It may come as little surprise to find that people who own their properties are generally happier in their homes than those who rent. However, new research has revealed there is a significant gap between the two groups.


A survey conducted by TheHouseShop found that 83 per cent of owners are happy in their homes, compared to just 54 per cent of private rental tenants.


Speaking to Property Wire, the firm’s co-founder Nick Marr suggested that part of the reason for this is because tenants don’t have the freedom to make even small changes to their living environment.


“Buyers will spend a lot of time and effort choosing their ideal property and carrying out improvement works over the years to perfect it,” he explained. Of course, in many cases this isn’t possible for tenants.


There are all kinds of improvements you can make to a property if you own it, but one that you may want to consider is restoring or installing antique fireplaces.


These can provide a wonderful focal point in a room, even if they aren’t in working order. They are also a great way to make a space feel more cosy, even when they’re not in use.


Interior designer Miriam Fanning recently told Domain that because of our associations with fireplaces, they elicit an emotional response, bringing a “sense of cosiness, even when it isn’t on”, she stated.


Ms Fanning also recommended that anyone who is installing a new fireplace in their home needs to look beyond its functionality and view it as a statement piece of interior decor.