Edwardian Fireplaces

The Edwardian Period

The Edwardian period only lasted from 1901 on the death of Queen Victoria to 1910 although it is sometimes extended to the start of the first world war in 1914. Edward VII was succeeded by George V in 1910 so that is really when the era ended. People still designed fireplaces during this period but they tended to be of a more simpler design covering as it did the Arts & Craft and the Art Nouveau movements as well. Gone were the super heavy fireplaces with the cast iron hobs and in came more refined styles. People were just getting used to having electricity in their home with heaters so there was not as much need for the enormous creations of the previous century. They still made Edwardian cast iron fireplaces but these were much lighter and so fit in better with the design of the room, not overpowering it like before.
During the Victorian period, designers focused on a hotchpotch of styles including classicism which accounted for the heavy appearance and weight! of some of the pieces. During the Edwardian era, the designers used a lighter aesthetic, incorporating bright colours and cleaner designs. There was also a revival in neo-Classicism and these cleverly handmade pieces are still around today if you know where to look. In many ways, they represent the last blast of artisan fireplace production before the age of mass production.
With the true Edwardian period only lasting for a little over ten years, there are far fewer pieces around we do have some in stock but it is changing all the time so please come in and take a look our selection. The period saw the introduction of lighter wood as well and we have some Wooden Edwardian Fireplaces in stock as well as traditional cast iron.

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