Use Lighting To Highlight Your Fireplace

If you’ve invested in an Edwardian fireplace and have done your utmost to make this a focal point in your living room, you don’t want to let it down with your lighting.


In the winter when you have a roaring fire going, your eyes will, of course, be drawn to the feature, but what about in the warmer months when you’re not snuggling around the hearth to warm up and get cosy?


According to one lighting specialist, using lights is one of the most underestimated and underused tools in interior design.


Speaking to the Telegraph, Sally Storey, a design director at John Cullen Lighting, explained that well-placed and chosen lights can make a huge difference to your interiors.


Lighting can be used to set the mood, as well as to highlight focal points in a room. She explained that the key is to use “layers” of light to create a striking overall effect. For architectural features like fireplaces, a good tip is to install uplighters that will really illuminate the hearth and mantel piece.


Another option is to use a spotlight to direct attention to your fireplace, Ms Storey added. “You can create interest and sculptural effects where you never thought possible,” she asserted.


In the summer when you won’t be using the fireplace there are a few other tricks you can employ to make it stand out. You may want to put a vase of flowers in the grate to bring a bit of colour and life to the empty space, or you could arrange your remaining cut wood logs in an interesting pattern to focus attention on the fireplace.