Fireplaces ‘Evoke Emotional Responses’

There are a number of reasons to install Victorian fireplaces in your home other than to give you another way to keep warm in the winter months.


According to one interior designer, our response to fireplaces is “primal”. Speaking to Domain, Miriam Fanning, from Mim Design, explained that this feature has the ability to cause an emotional response in many of us.


“A fireplace gives a sense of cosiness, even when it’s not on. It evokes an emotion, which is really important,” she asserted.


Ms Fanning added that when you’re introducing a fireplace to your space, you want to look beyond its functionality and see it as a statement piece.


There are other benefits to fitting fireplaces in your home, aside from keeping it warm and making a room feel cosy. These include introducing a natural focal point to a room and adding proportion to the space.


The Daily Record recently pointed out the benefits of adding a fireplace to your home too, noting that many property experts believe that this particular feature can add value to a house, as well as being able to create a warming atmosphere in a space.


But if you are going to install a fireplace where there wasn’t one before, you need to bear a few things in mind. Principal at B.E Architecture Andrew Piva offered a few tips to Domain readers.


He said it’s important to check any regulatory requirements before you begin any work, as well as to think about simple things like the proximity of curtains to the fireplace and the size of the fireplace you want to install, compared to the size of the room.