How To Decorate Your Victorian Fire Surrounds

There’s no better way to create a focal point at home than by investing in Victorian fire surrounds, but once you’ve had it installed you might want to think about how best to go about decorating it so that it creates a big impact immediately, even when it’s summer and the fire isn’t crackling away.


You could, for example, decorate your woodpile quickly and easily simply by adding a string of fairy lights to the pile and switching them on after night falls. What a quick way to give your living room a bit of a magical makeover!


Or you could come over all romantic and create a giant floral wreath using sticks and fake flowers to hang over the fireplace in place of the more typical mirror that you usually find hung above the mantelpiece. Finish this off by placing candles symmetrically either side on the mantel and away you go.


If you want something truly contemporary, what about whitewashing your walls and decorating the mantelpiece with some curios found around the world? Interestingly, ram and sheep skulls are quite popular for interior design as wall art at the moment and you could complement it with some books and some plants to help soften the look a little.


For a quick DIY project and one that won’t break the bank, why don’t you recycle old bottles and jars and turn them into vases for ferns and other plants? This would look lovely, especially if you go for bottles in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Check out Pinterest for even more design ideas.