Interior Design Trends To Watch This Autumn

While you might still be thinking about your summer holidays, there’s no escaping the fact that we’re getting closer to autumn, and if you want an interior design project once the nights start to draw in and you’re at home more, there are a few trends to keep an eye on.


According to The Morning Call, the move for vintage pieces is still going strong, and thanks to the growing number of businesses selling these kinds of items it’s become even easier to add these types of accents to a room.


It’s also about using vintage materials as well as sourcing vintage items for your interior, Love Your Room’s Shoshana Gosselin told the news provider. “Whether it’s real barn wood or antiqued-looking pieces, we’re seeing it in wood finishes, flooring and, of course, shiplap,” she stated.


Fitting reclaimed fireplaces to your living space could be one option to bring the vintage vibe to your home and give you a practical focal point that can warm the space in the winter.


Other trends that are set to be big this autumn include the colour grey, tiles and wallpaper. Where the latter is concerned, textured wallpaper is an increasingly popular option, the website noted.


Designer Andrea Schumacher, of Andrea Schumacher Interiors, recently told 5280 that she loves a good pattern and notes that wallpaper is the easiest way to introduce this to a room. However, she added that she loves the idea of introducing patterns to fireplaces too.


She also revealed that making spaces luxurious is something she’s loving at present, noting that one of her current projects involves wrapping a fireplace in fur.