Why Are Wood-Burning Fires More Appealing Than Gas Ones?

Have you ever wondered why fire is so mesmerising to watch? There’s nothing quite like curling up next to an open fire, feeling the heat warming your face and watching the wood split and burn as it gently crackles under the heat.


And while a gas fireplace can provide the same warmth, it doesn’t have quite the same magical appeal.


In fact, there’s some science behind why wood-burning fires are more appealing than their gas counterparts, according to the Prince George Citizen.


It’s all to do with the sound. As wood burns, the flames release pockets of air, moisture within the logs evaporates and escapes with a satisfying hiss and the distinctive crackle of burning wood comes from its cells popping as they heat up.


When you have a gas burner, the sound is much more constant, with a hissing sound coming from the gas as it expands through the jets of the burner.


Of course, you may like the relative quiet of a gas burning fire in your home, rather than the wood-burning variety. But whatever you choose, there’s no doubt that installing reclaimed fireplaces in your home will make it cosier and more appealing, especially in the winter months.


Although you might only associate fireplaces with winter, you can still make them a focal point in a room during the summer months with a few simple tricks.


Things, like putting a vase of flowers or pot plant on the grate, or putting a series of candles in the hearth and around the fireplace, can make it stand out when the weather’s warmer and you’re not going to want to snuggle up in front of some roaring flames.