Will It Be A White Christmas After All?

A few weeks ago, the odds of us having a white Christmas were slashed by the bookies and no doubt you all rushed out to have your reclaimed fireplaces fitted in time so you could all stay nice and snug as the snow falls down around you.


But it seems that may have been a bit premature, since weather forecasters are now saying that Christmas Day 2016 could actually be the warmest on record… so filling up the coal bucket and building up the wood pile might not be that necessary after all.


The Met Office has now said that Britain can expect to be drier than average, with lighter winds, over the festive break, although temperatures are likely to be below average and there is an elevated risk of frost and fog… so it might still feel a bit chilly come December 25th.


We have to say that we’re a little bit disappointed about all this here at Victoriana Fireplaces. We really were looking forward to it being nice and wintry on Christmas Day so we could all huddle up around the fire and open our presents together after Christmas dinner. Fingers crossed the temperature drops a bit and we can all still enjoy a bit of seasonal wintry weather…


And at the very least the balmy conditions mean that you have more time to get your fireplaces all sorted before January, when it can be very cold indeed. Don’t forget that the winter isn’t over by a long shot – so if you need help with your fireplaces, give us a call today.