Lustworthy Log Baskets For Your Fireplace

Once you’ve settled on your dream Edwardian fireplace, you can start to stock up on logs – ready for the winter months when you’ll get to enjoy the full benefit of the warmth a log fire can offer.


Of course, logs also make a nice rustic addition to your living room – especially if you have a lovely log basket! Here’s a few of our favourites, no matter what your interior style.



This log holder from Hicks and Hicks has everything you need for your fireplace and more. Fire pokers sit on the side of this wrought iron hold and it has plenty of space for logs to keep your fire burning all night long.



This pretty log basket from Cox and Cox also doubles up as a carrier, meaning if you keep your logs in an outhouse once cut, you can carry them into the house with ease, without unloading in the lounge and causing unnecessary mess.



While still being made from a traditional metal material, the look of this log holder is super modern, with rounded edges and even separate spaces for larger logs and kindling. Find it here to buy.



If you have a house with a bit of character, these typographic log baskets from Black Country Metalworks might well feed into your style. A little bit retro, but undoubtedly a real conversation starter for those who visit your home. Made by hand and laser cut to read LOGS and KINDLING you’re sure to appreciate the workmanship that goes into making them.