Get Your House Ready For Winter Snap

The weather has been relatively mild so far this winter, but this is all set to change over the coming weeks. That is why experts have advised homeowners to begin to get their property winter-ready to protect it against weather damage.


As well as making good use of your antique fireplace and keeping your house toasty and warm, it is wise to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris, insulate pipes, have the heating on low even if you are out, get chimneys swept, remove hosepipes attached to outdoor taps, and prune back trees near to the house in case they fall.


This is the advice from M&S Bank, which revealed 44 per cent of property owners do not look after their home properly against weather-related damage.


Head of products at the financial services provider Paul Stokes said: “With the Met Office predicting lower-than-average temperatures until next February, homeowners should take the time now to carry out basic tasks.”


He added: “These measures can all help prevent damage to your property.”


M&S Bank’s findings also showed there has been an 11 per cent increase in the number of homeowners who do not maintain their property, and 16 per cent said they have not undertaken any measures to look after their home in the last 12 months.


Homeowners will face wet and windy weather, as well as freezing temperatures as we head into the new year. Indeed, Storm Barbara made an appearance over the Christmas weekend, with extreme winds and severe rain hitting much of northern England and Scotland.