AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 001
AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 001AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 002AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 003AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 004AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 005AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 006AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 007AMS-1346 + ATI-1347 008

Victorian marble surround and Victorian tiled insert


Available separately

Victorian marble fire surround (AMS-1346) A magnificent Victorian Ashburton marble surround of simple form with a pair of geometric corbels and black slate mouldings, beautifully made in richly coloured and veined Ashburton Marble mined from the Linhay Quarry in Devon, England close to the ancient Stannary Town of Ashburton. Fully restored, a rare and desirable piece. Measures 68”wide x 47”high with a opening 37.5”wide x 37.5”high. SOLD


Shown with:


Victorian tiled insert (ATI-1347) An impressive Victorian tiled insert, dated 1885, with great detailing and a fine set of original Aesthetic style tiles. Fully restored and complete with a new fireback. Measures 38”wide x 38”high with a 16” fire opening. SOLD







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