AMS-1493 + ACI-1475
AMS-1493 + ACI-1475AMS-1493 + ACI-1475_2AMS-1493 + ACI-1475_3AMS-1493 + ACI-1475_4AMS-1493 + ACI-1475_5

Victorian marble surround and Victorian hob grate


Victorian marble surround (AMS-1493) An impressive Victorian Rouge marble surround with attractive black slate detailing. Fully restored and re-polished to reveal all its original vibrant colours and tones. Measures 68”wide x 48”high with an opening 38”wide x 38”high. Priced at £2000.00


Shown with


Victorian hob grate (ACI-1475) A very impressive early Victorian hob grate, by the coalbrookdale  iron foundry, made in around 1850 this is a fine example festooned with stunning rococo style decoration, now fully restored. The outside frame has been slightly enlarged to except a larger fire surround. It measures 39’’wide x 38 high and is priced at £1400.00.


Available separately.

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