AWS-1504 + ATI-1505
AWS-1504 + ATI-1505AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_2AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_3AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_4AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_5AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_6AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_7AWS-1504 + ATI-1505_8

Victorian fire surround and Victorian tiled insert


Victorian fire surround (AWS-1504)  a fine Victorian fire surround in dark Mahogany with columned legs a central shelf and carved centre tablet, in good condition having been re-polished in its recent past, a very appealing surround. Measures 64’’wide x 52’’ high with an opening 38’’wide x 38’’high. Priced at £950.00.


Shown with


Victorian tiled insert (ATI-1505) a Victorian tiled insert with highly decorative hood and including a great set of original red brick style tiles, above average size with an outer frame of 40’’x40’’ comes complete with a new fireback making it suitable for use as a log or coal fire. The fire opening is 18’’wide. SOLD


Available separately

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