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Victorian cast iron fireplace


Victorian cast iron fireplace (ACC-1543) a stunning Victorian cast iron fireplace, this is one of the larger sized combination fireplaces not to be confused with the smaller bedroom sized ones. It was locally manufactured in Pendelbury Salford by W & AC Russell & Co at their Scotia foundry and is dated to 1890. Very similar in design to its sister fireplace ‘’The fire Queen’’ with slight detail differences to the inset panels. It’s very opulent with many lavish embellishments. Now stripped of its years of paint its had the ornate panels burnished to a highlight polished finish, this was a finish option that was available at the time although quite an expensive one. It can be reversed if it’s not to the buyers taste but it does give it a lighter look without being too blingy. Complete with a new fire back suitable for use with a gas or solid fuel fire. It measures 48’’wide x 47’’high and has a 17’’fire opening. Its priced at £1300.00.

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