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Victorian cast iron fire surround with over mantle and Art nouveau tiled insert


Victorian cast iron fire surround with over mantle (ACS-1453) an outstanding cast iron Victorian fire surround ‘’The Beaconsfield’’ with matching triple mirror over mantle. An absolutely epic piece, the surround being adorned with lavish swag and urn decoration. The over mantle having three bevelled mirrors and a pair of shelves and classical broken pediment top with a central urn embellishment. A magnificent piece that’s been fully restored and highlight polished to show off its superb detailing, it’s a fire surround designed to impress. Shown for sale in the Young and Marten catalogue of 1897. This particular example dates to 1881. The insert  it’s shown with is of later manufacture, around 1900, but others are available, or it could be used as a surround for a solid fuel stove. It measures 61’’wide x 90’’high with an opening 36’’wide x 38’’high. It’s priced at £2500.00.


Shown with.


Art nouveau tiled insert (ATI-1454) a very unusual Art nouveau tiled insert with elegant Art nouveau detailing and a fabulous set of original tiles, there is some minor damage to the tiles but this doesn’t detract from their overall appeal. The insert is flat rather than concave as is more usual giving it a striking look, this also makes fitting it a little easier with less remedial brickwork required by the installer. The insert has been highlight polished to give it a brighter look; this was an original finish that we have reinstated. Measures 38’’wide x 38’’high and has a 16’’fire opening. It’s priced at £800.00.


Available separately


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