ACS-1458 + AAI-1459
ACS-1458 + AAI-1459ACS-1458 + AAI-1459_2ACS-1458 + AAI-1459_3ACS-1458 + AAI-1459_4ACS-1458 + AAI-1459_5ACS-1458 + AAI-1459_6

Victorian cast iron fire surround and Victorian Arched insert


Victorian cast iron fire surround (ACS-1458) a striking arched Victorian cast iron surround with a fine pair of fish scaled shell corbels and a trio of ogee arched panels. Fully restored it dates from around 1860, originally it would be fitted with An arched insert as seen here, but it would also work well with a solid fuel stove. Measures 63’’wide x 47’’high. The arch measures 35’’at its widest point and 36’’high in the centre line. It’s priced at £950.00.


Shown with


Victorian Arched insert (AAI-1459) a magnificent Victorian arched insert with a fine decorative arch. Fully restored and complete with a replacement fire back, a great sized fireplace for coal/logs. Measures 38’’wide x 38’’high with an 18’’ fire opening. Priced at SOLD


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