ATH-1542ATH-1542_2ATH-1542_3ATH-1542_4ATH-1542_6ATH-1542_7ATH-1542_8Tiled hob grate (before) (1)

Edwardian tiled hob grate


Edwardian tiled hob grate (ATH-1542) a stunning Edwardian tiled hob grate, it dates from around 1900 and appears to have undergone a previous restoration where the original tiles have been replaced with contemporary reproduction ones, probably in the 1990s. It’s a crime I recognise as shamefully I did the same thing on a few occasions myself!

I’ve replaced the reproduction tiles with some more age appropriate original ones, carried out a few minor repairs and polished the Brass hood. The Brass is removable to reveal a more utilitarian plain iron hood underneath, the only other example of this model I’ve seen was with a plain hood and so I think the brass was probably a posh factory option! The hob has working mini ovens with opening doors, it’s the first time I’ve seen this feature, and I’m not sure they’d be terribly affective but a nice feature nonetheless. It measures 37.5’’wide x 37’5’’ with an 11’’ fire opening. It’s priced at £1200.00.

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