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Edwardian oak surround + Edwardian tiled insert


Available separately.

Edwardian oak surround (AWS-1289). An imposing Edwardian surround with figured and reeded columns rising to acanthus brackets, with a bevel edged mirror and bracketed central shelf. In unrestored but good original condition. Measures 62”wide x 73” high with a fire opening 37.5” x 37’5” Priced at SOLD


Shown with:


Edwardian tiled insert (ATI-1290). A classically detailed Edwardian tiled insert with a a great set of original tiles, fully restored and complete with a new 18” fireback, this larger size making it an ideal coal and log burner. Measures 38”wide x 38”high with an 18” fire opening. Priced at 650.00.


Available separately.



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