AWS-1495 + ATI-1496
AWS-1495 + ATI-1496AWS-1495 + ATI-1496_2AWS-1495 + ATI-1496_3AWS-1495 + ATI-1496_4AWS-1495 + ATI-1496_5AWS-1495 + ATI-1496_6AWS-1495AWS-1495_2AWS-1495_3AWS-1495_4AWS-1495_5

Edwardian fire surround and Edwardian tiled insert


Edwardian fire surround (AWS-1495) a magnificent Edwardian fire surround in solid mahogany wonderfully adorned with boxwood inlay having a frieze with central panel decorated with bows and swags and flanked by two inlaid panels. With bows and drop capitals with mother of pearl insets and beautifully inlaid legs. This is a craftsman made piece of stunning quality. In great original condition with a fine patina. It measures 65’’wide x 52’’high and has a fire opening 38’’wide x 38’’ high. It’s priced at £1500.00.


Shown with


Edwardian tiled insert (ATI-1496) A pretty Edwardian tiled insert with classical swag and urn detailing on the hood and a good set of original translucent green tiles. Fully restored and complete with a new fireback suitable for use with a gas or solid fuel fire. Measures 38”wide x 38”high with a 16” fire opening. SOLD


Available separately

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