Homeowners Advised To Dispose Of Fireplace Ash Properly

Whether you have a lovely old fireplace or a newer model, fire safety should always be your top priority. People have just been issued a warning by firefighters in Thurrock, Essex, to ensure that anyone with a fireplace does dispose of the fireplace ash properly and carefully to help prevent fires from starting.


The words of advice come after fire crews were sent out to a house that had caught fire after the residents put the ashes from their log burner – which they thought were cool enough – in a rubbish bin that was kept against a wall near the back door, Brentwood Today reports.


“Unfortunately, ashes may appear cool on the outside but can still be hot deep inside and can retain the heat for a considerable time. The ashes smouldered inside the bin and spread to a stack of logs at the back of the property. The smoke filled the entire house and also entered the neighbouring property,” Paul Gardner, assistant divisional officer, was quoted by the news source as saying.


You’d be wise to store your hot ashes in a metal bucket and leave them to cool for at least 24 hours before disposing of them. Remember as well that ash from coal fires can contain harmful chemicals, so make sure they’re thrown away with your general rubbish. Cool ashes should be put in a plastic bag, sealed tightly to prevent spills.


If you’ve been burning wood and wood alone, these ashes can just be thrown out in the garden, whether you want to put them in your flower beds or on a compost heap. They’re also a brilliant source of potash, which will work wonders for your soil!