Top Trends To Complement Marble Fireplaces

If you’ve got marble fireplaces in your home, ensuring your interior design scheme honours this fantastic piece of decoration will be top of your wishlist. With that in mind, we have a run-down of this year’s hottest trends for your home interior based around your beautiful fireplace.

It seems the huge trend last year of an industrial minimal vibe is being pushed aside as people head towards richer fabrics and textures. Strong saturated jewels tones in emerald greens and sapphire blues will be a huge trend, great news for those who love a pop of colour.

Complementing those strong colours, hints of gold and rose gold in kitchenware and home accessories will really give a sense of decadence & luxury.

The top choice for fabric this year is velvet and you can expect to see it on upholstered sofas and armchair, cushions and throws.

Big last year alongside the industrial trend was concrete but it will be over taken by marble in neutral colour ways. Home design expert Kerrie Kelly spoke to Bucks County Courier Times about these hot trends and said: “Marble, especially in shades of white and light grey, will be one of 2017′s biggest design trends. Experts predict marble to become an increasingly popular material for countertops, flooring and table tops, as well as in everyday household items like serving platters or vases.”

Wallpaper will still be a big trend this year, but you’ll see some more unusual textures and marble printed papers for those feature walls. It seems that this year’s top trends have a real sense of luxury and comfort. Stay ahead of the trends this year and embrace a more dramatic home interior style.