Could Updating Your Fireplace Boost The Value Of Your Home?

If you are lucky enough to have any rooms with a fireplace in them, you’ll know how commanding that element is. It really draws focus, and you want it to be the centre of attention for all the right reasons.


However, some fireplace designs – particularly the surrounds – can make a home feel very dated, and upgrading these can not only improve the overall decor of a room, but could also add value to your property.


An article in Forbes recently highlighted a number of fireplace remodelling projects and explained that updating this element of your home could be less costly than you imagine – and could add value to your home.


For example, a brick fireplace that’s surrounded by a brick wall can be cost effectively hidden using a tile or wood surround, but leaving the hearth itself as exposed brick.


Another inexpensive option if you don’t want bare bricks surrounding your fireplace is to simply paint over them. Drywalling or plastering over the brick to create a blank canvas for your interior design choices is another option.


If the hearth and mantel itself leaves a lot to be desired, you could look for a period piece to make it stand out. Reclaimed fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular and can add a touch of grandeur to a living room if what you currently have is more basic.


For instance, if you’re intending to redecorate to fit in with the current Hygge trend, an antique fireplace can add that cosy and homely touch that’s needed in a room