ASS-1514 + ACI-1475
ASS-1514 + ACI-1475ASS-1514 + ACI-1475_2ASS-1514 + ACI-1475_3ASS-1514 + ACI-1475_4ASS-1514 + ACI-1475_5ASS-1514 + ACI-1475_6

Victorian slate fire surround and Victorian hob grate


Victorian slate fire surround (ASS-1524) a magnificent Victorian slate fire surround with a pair of elegant and beautifully made shell corbels complimented by extensive and superbly detailed gold stencil work to its legs and frieze. It’s in completely unrestored original condition, retaining its stunning black lacquer finish, which although not perfect is too good not to be retained. A really well proportioned fire surround that will fit with most original antique fireplace inserts, as well as being a great option to fit around a modern stove. It can be stripped and re-finished if required, although this would be a shame as so few of these remain in original condition. This would add £600.00 to its price. Measuring 60’’wide x 47’’high with an opening 38’’wide x 38’’high. Priced at £1200.00.


Shown with


Victorian hob grate (ACI-1475) A very impressive early Victorian hob grate, by the coalbrookdale  iron foundry, made in around 1850 this is a fine example festooned with stunning rococo style decoration, now fully restored. The outside frame has been slightly enlarged to accept a larger fire surround. It measures 39’’wide x 38 high and is priced at £1400.00.


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