AWS-1366 + ATI-1367
AWS-1366 + ATI-1367AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_2AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_3AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_4AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_5AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_6AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_7AWS-1366 + ATI-1367_8

Victorian fire surround and Victorian tiled insert


Victorian fire surround (AWS-1366) A superb Victorian hardwood fire surround with fluted legs rising to bracket capitals and a serpentine shelf with a finely carved central frieze. The surround has been hand stripped of its original dark varnish and wax polished to reveal the natural honey colour of the wood. Measures 66”wide X 52”high with an opening 37”wide x 38”high. Priced at 900.00.


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Victorian tiled fireplace (ATI-1367) A very appealing Victorian tiled insert with attractive stylised floral detailing and including a nice set of original tiles with aquamarine half tiles, there is slight damage to the top left tile, but this doesn’t detract from their overall appeal. Fully restored and complete with a new fireback suitable for use with a gas or solid fuel fire. Measures 38”wide x 38”high. With a 16”  fire opening. SOLD


Available separately.

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