ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 001
ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 005ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 001ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 002ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 003ACS-1207 + ATI-1208 004

Victorian cast iron surround + Victorian tiled insert


A  late Victorian cast iron surround (ACS-1207) of simple form with triple mirrors and a central shelf. Perfect for the smaller room , measuring 48”wide x 62”high, with an opening 35.5”wide x 38”high. SOLD


Shown with:


A very appealing Victorian tiled insert (ATI-1208) with a railed and tiled hood and featuring a wonderful set of original aesthetic tiles. Fully restored and complete with new fireback suitable for use with a gas or solid fuel fire. Measures 36”wide x 38 high with a 16” fire opening. Priced at £600.00.


Available separately



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