Create A Focal Point With Your Edwardian Fireplaces

When it comes to interior design, it can be very tricky – especially in places like the living room – to create a focal point and arrange your room around this. That’s why so many people find that their focal point ends up being the TV – which is a proper no-no in the world of interiors.


But you can easily bring an end to your focal point woes by having Edwardian fireplaces installed in whichever room you’re having trouble with. One of the particular benefits of having a fireplace is that it immediately becomes the centre of attention if done well, particularly during the winter months when the fire is crackling away inside, providing you all with much-needed warmth.


It’s possible that you already have a good focal point in place if there’s a big window that draws the eye to the outside world and all that natural light, for example or something like an exposed brick wall that makes for a brilliant point of architectural interest.


If there isn’t a focal point, a fireplace is one of the easiest ways to create one for yourself. Make it work particularly hard for you by having a big mantelpiece over the top of it, complete with pictures of the family, or a stunning piece of marble that speaks for itself.


Dressing your focal point and playing to your assets is certainly wise. Draw even more attention to your fireplace with a big piece of contemporary art or a really big and bold mirror, for example.