AWS-1385 + ACI-1386
AWS-1385 + ACI-1386AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_2AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_3AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_4AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_5AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_6AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_7AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_8AWS-1385 + ACI-1386_9

Victorian mahogany fire surround and Victorian register grate


Victorian mahogany fire surround (AWS-1385) A very impressive Victorian mahogany fire surround with barrel moulded legs rising to carved floral capitals and an intricately carved central tablet, in great original condition having received only a good clean and polish so retaining its beautiful original patina. Measures 68”wide x 52”high with an opening 37”x37” including slate slips. -SOLD


Shown with


Victorian register grate (ACI-1386) A superb Victorian slow arched register grate featuring bold Rocco design elements and an elegant female mask to the centre. A very impressive fireplace that pictures don’t do justice, fully restored and complete. Measures 38” wide x 38”high with a 22” fire opening. Priced at £1500.00.


Available separately

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